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Oct 31, 2013
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Running as a way of life

fitness, running as a way of life

Running is placed on the top of the list for cardiovascular exercises. It is an exercise that easily burns fats and it is perfect for circulation. Many people start with this exercise as a recreation, but this is wrong and people are not familiar with the facts, how long they should run and what is the perfect distance. So here in this article we will present you few advices:

First and primary thing about running is that whenever you start with some physical activity you need to learn about your starting fitness ability. If the running program that guides you say that you need to run 1 kilometer even the first day, than you need to do that, but if you feel that you can run one more kilometer that do it, run as much as you can. While you follow your instincts and get yourself in a situation when you can’t run any more than everything goes according to the plan. If you find your knees or joints getting sore, and you think it might be an inflammatory condition like arthritis, try a natural product like Provailen.

Running in a park

Your primary thing is that you must remember the distance you`ve ran on the first day of your running program. If the distance you have ran on your first day is 1.5 km you will notice that next day you can run more, so give some extra 300 meters to your running program, but this is not preferable to do it every day. Human body needs time to get used to this challenge. As a side effect of running you will start to see you mood improve. Stress, anxiety, panic attacks and social anxiety disorders will all lessen if you suffer from any of those

With normal running you can run 1 kilometer for 4-5 minutes. The best thing to do on your first day is to run 15 minutes, with normal tempo your distance will be more than 2 kilometers. You can choose the location, but the best thing to do is to run on straight road. Enjoy running and burn fat. You’ll find it will make your day so much brighter!

Oct 6, 2013
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Healthy Lifestyle Can Stop Breast Cancer


Doctors and scientists state that two of five cases of breast cancer, can be stopped if women live a healthy lifestyle. Researches shows that increasing the physical activities, reducing alcohol consumption and keeping body weight in the boundaries can minimize the risk of getting breast cancer. More than one of five women in Great Britain are classified as fat and the researches show that the chances for these women to get breast cancer is more than 50 % than women with normal weight. Still it is not defined why fat people have bigger affinity towards these types of diseases. Maybe it is the level of hormones that varies in fat people.

Scientists believe that 40 percent of the breast cancer cases can be stopped. Only one big glass of wine daily increases the chances of cancer for about 20 percent. Again the reason why this happens is not known, but it is guessed that alcohol increases the level of estrogen in women`s organism. One of the doctors that deal with this type of diseases says that we need to work with effort if we want to stop these fatal diseasesor lower the risk of getting them. There are almost thousands of cases of breast cancer in Great Britain that can be stopped, but the most frustrating thing is that people do almost nothing to stop this terrible disease from spreading.

Generally, scientists say that 1/3 of the breast cancer cases can be stopped only due to healthy food, physical activities and maintaining normal body weight. It is recommended for fat people to lower their body weight in the boundaries if they want to avoid fatal diseases, also every woman should be physical active at least 30 minutes per day and to restrict their daily consumption of alcohol to one per day or avoid alcoholic drinks. With this type of lifestyle you can lower the risk of getting breast cancer for 42%.

Sep 9, 2013
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What Affects Your Mental Health?

A sound mind and a sound body, both go together. One won’t be able to survive properly without the presence of these two influences.

In this blog post, our discussion will roam around such factors that leave a negative impact on our mental health, and highly influence the way we handle our day to day matters.

These factors, which are fortunately reversible, have a lot to do with the psychological condition of an individual and hence, their behavioral output.

But what are these elements? And how is one likely to face them daily? Let s find out.


Physical illness:                    sick

No body is a hundred percent perfect when it comes to health and wellness. Each one of us do face several sorts of health declining conditions, some of which seem to be prolonged. Such prolonged physical illnesses can greatly affect the mental condition in a negative way.


Low Self Esteem:                     self esteem

There shall not be any doubt regarding the fact that most of us hold low on our self esteems. We deliberately try to push ourselves back, and consider that we are good up to almost nothing. May it be due to past experiences, or a taunting company, most of us have neglected this vital aspect of self esteem.


Not realizing the presence of Love: sad

Here comes another factor which can be highly connected with low self esteem. Assuming that the people around you don’t require you any more, is alone enough to deteriorate your mental condition.


Not able to accept changes:  no-change

Now this influencing agent highly depends upon how you have been throughout your childhood and your teen years. Not able to deal with changes can destroy all of your thinking capability. Thus, it can push you into the trap of depression easily.


Except for the physiological issues, the other three factors can be dealt by expert’s counselling. And this is what we think, is the best therapy for an improved mental health and high self esteem.

Aug 27, 2013
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How Overweight Women Can Apply Better Lifestyle to Reduce Their Weight


Overweight is one of the most common problems that many women fight. Being overweight is not only making them feel less confident, but it is also a great obstacle to get good health body condition. Women who suffer from overweight will do anything to reduce their weight. They will apply so many diet programs which can be uncontrolled and they can suffer from various health risks.

There are actually some simple ways to reduce weight in fun and easy ways other than exercise and apply strict diets.  The main key to stay motivated is surrounded by people who can bring good support. Motivation is one important aspect that many dieters should have because less motivation can stop one’s courage to continue dieting. It is hard to apply any diet program and living and collaborating with people with the same aim or at least can give the best support is the best thing for dieters.

Women who can balance their both sides of their lives can go along well on their diet programs. Women are always busy with their career as well as their main duties as moms. Feeling frustrated can lead to higher eating intensity and it will ruin the whole diet program. It is recommended to relax and pamper themselves with relaxation massages or spa. Everyone deserves good times and all women deserve the best for everything that they have done for their families.

The last but not least, it is very important to stay positive and love themselves. This is what many women ignore in which they always think that others always have better performances than they are. There are many women, who do not mind with their body weight and they remain confidence. This is a good thing to do though they still have to pay attention on healthy aspects as well.

Jul 17, 2013
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The Benefits of Enjoying Spa Treatment

One of the most common lifestyles among women is having a spa treatment and they find out that it is very beneficial. Not only it can bring total relaxation, but it is also boosting regular blood circulation on our body so that there will be no serious health problems that may occur. There are so many options of body treatments from relaxation therapists and most of them offer comfortable treatment ambiances.

Just try one of several body treatments that may suit your needs and budget though it seems that you should try all kinds of treatments for the best result.

Facial spa

It is the most common treatment that almost all women have tried where they will get facial treatment for eliminating dead skin cells. It is also beneficial for eradicating the pressure that we all have gone through during hard working weeks. Facial spa includes face cleansing and skin cells rejuvenating.


Body Spa and Body Care

It is basically different with body treatments where body spas can cover treatments for the whole body. We can have relaxation for both our body and mind as we are sitting in a bathtub with the warm water containing some spa products. Its aromatherapy is soothing and bring fresher mind. We can continue to body care where we need to get rid of some hair in several parts of the bodies. Body care also includes body massage with relaxation for perfect stress-free option.

We can find so many beauty clinics everywhere though not all them can provide reliable treatments. Reliable treatments should use certified products, which are made of natural ingredients for avoiding bad impacts to our skin. This is why it is important to find well-established spa clinics for the best treatment result. Make sure that your favorite beauty clinics have authorized certification from the local government and you do have the right to get the best, certified products for your routine treatment.

Jul 17, 2013
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Do Not Let Stress Become One of Your Lifestyle Habits

Stress can cause serious disease and it is not a myth. It is not our food or anything that we consume that leads to various diseases. Yes, unhealthy foods can bring bad impact to our lives, but stressful feeling has bigger influence to trigger a chance for humans to suffer from severe diseases like cancers. Stress can even attack our kids these days as there are so many pressures for their schools. Or we, as parents, have made them stress with our too strict regulation?


Make sure to start eliminating stress gradually and we will find out that our body will feel fresh and in its prime condition. First of all, having enough rest or sleep is more important than applying any kind of health diet. Never force ourselves to work harder than we can because our body and mind need a break for recovering. Our laptop needs to reboot and so do we.

Adequate rest can bring its best result when we pay attention to proper care of both our body and mind. It is one of the most effective ways in fighting stress. It is as easy by doing regular exercises and eating healthy containing nutrition and vitamins. Some people cannot avoid to work during the night. When it is unavoidable, it is much better to have some good sleep on the daytime. Such lifestyle is common among people these days and it is best to avoid alcohol and nicotine.

Yet, there are sometimes when we have applied both points above, but we still get the pressure, then stress is unavoidable. Make sure you can find the main cause. Try to deal with the cause and find the best solution with clear mind. When a friend or a relative causes the stressful feeling or other relatives, never hesitate to have an open discussion to get into clearer situation.

Jun 13, 2013
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Positive Mind is the Best and Easiest Healthy Lifestyle


Do you realize that there are more and more negative behaviors and events happen around us lately? Things were much different decades ago when there are rare numbers of crimes. Maybe we do not face such extreme happenings but we cannot deny that there are some negative behaviors around us, even at our workplaces. It is hard for not involving in such negative surroundings. And this makes sense when we really have to keep our positive mind, regardless on what may occur around us.

Never say that it is impossible to be persistent on our positive mindset though it requires high level of perseverance. Let’s say that your co-workers have high tendency in maintaining negative mindset about their bosses and tasks to accomplish. It is better to avoid them by moving away subtly from those bunch of people and get yourself busy for the sake of positive results and achievement. Never be afraid in stating that you do not want to get involve with bad comments and behavior.

There are times when we feel frustrated and have high tendency in exploring our negative behaviors through bad words and behaviors. What we need is a self control for keeping ourselves from being nasty and positive energy from our within. Keep saying positive words for avoiding us in having bad mindset which can ruin our own brain. If you are in your working place and there is a temptation to say bad words or think negative about your co-workers, have yourself a break. Find a serene place and drill your mind for thinking only positive things. You are valuable and you do not deserve to be poisoned by your own negative thoughts.

Again, this is not easy because it is much easier to have a negative set of mind than keeping ourselves with positive thoughts. But if you try hard in getting yourself for positive behavior and thinking, then you will see the difference.


Apr 10, 2013
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Foods That Fight Depression

Depression is one of the most common mental disorders and it affects millions of children, teenagers and adults every year. Severe clinical depression often requires medication and possible hospitalization to get it under control. For depression that is not that severe medication still seems to be the first line of defense. There are a wide variety of effective drugs on the market and getting a prescription for one is fairly easy.

For those who suffer from occasional and mild depression that do not want to take medication, or who do but want to include dietary elements to their treatment there are a number of foods that are thought to alleviate symptoms of depression. Here are a few of them foods that can boost your mood and fight depression.


Foods rich in iron are a good bet. It has been found that iron deficiency can leave you feeling weak, tired and irritable. Many women suffer from iron deficiency and don’t even know it. If you find yourself feeling down and listless it’s worth it to look at your diet and see to it that you are getting enough iron. Some good sources are eggs, beans, potatoes and dried fruit.

Protein is another winner when it comes to fighting depression. Foods that are high in protein contain amino acids which boost the amount of dopamine and epinephrine, two brain chemicals that are necessary for a sense of well-being. High protein foods such as salmon and other fish, kidney beans and cheese are good choices.

Lack of potassium in your diet can also cause feelings of irritability, anxiety and fatigue. Studies have shown that eating plenty of foods rich in potassium is an effective way of combating depression. Good sources of potassium include avocados, raisins, sunflower seeds and dates.

Of course, if you are experiencing severe depression for any length of time, it’s best to see your doctor.


Mar 31, 2013
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Tips on infertility

Getting pregnant is quick and easy reasons for infertility are low sperm counts in men, or blocked fallopian tubes in women. For some people, while for others it is not that easy for some physiological

The important thing is to know when to seek medical attention, remembering that the American association for reproductive health states that if after 12 months of regular unprotected sex, or six months for women over 35 years, pregnancy is not achieved, it is time to see a fertility specialty.




Here are some tips to help boost your fertility;

1. Eating healthy; this improves fertility because most infertile woman having ovarian dysfunction, also suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome, which is a condition related to insulin resistance. Some of the foods that significantly increase fertility are; taking more of plant protein than animal protein, eating more fiber and less low glycemic foods and refined carbohydrate and sugar, eating more monosaccharide fat and less trans-fat, consuming less amount of high fat dairy product.

2. Weight control; weight is a major contributor to infertility; it has been proven to affect fertility and normal reproduction in different methods. Having a very high or very low BMI (body mass index) affects ovulation and also release of reproductive hormone. Women that are extremely lean often have a problem getting pregnant because they are not able to sustain a regular menstrual

3. Stress reduction; stress has been proven to be closely related to infertility, natural chronic stress, can inhibit ovulation and lower sperm count, and can reduce libido.

In other to achieve fertility, anything that causes you to relax is advised; such as listening to music, massage, yoga sports and so many others


Mar 11, 2013
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Male urinary incontinence, is the inability of a man, to control his urination. It is a preventable and manageable with Kegel exercises for men. In men, urinary incontinence can be caused by poor muscle tone of the urinary sphincter that may result from surgery, an overactive bladder, or a bladder that doesn’t contract.

What are Kegel exercises for men?

They are groups of exercises that involves contracting and relaxing the muscles below the bladder that controls urination, in other to improve there tone.

How can men do Kegel exercises

The best way to locate the right muscle is during urination. When urinating, try to stop or slow down the flow of urine half way through urination.

If you are able to slow or stop the flow of urine, you’ve successfully located these muscles

The procedure for Kegel in men is simple and can be performed by anybody irrespective of age, it includes the following:

Contract the muscles for five seconds, counting slowly, then, release the muscles for another five seconds then repeat as many times as you want. Be sure to do at least 10 sets of Kegel, three times a day

At first, it is easier and better to do Kegel exercises while lying down, to avoid the effect of gravitational force on the muscles, and to contract the muscles for just two or three seconds at first, and gradually increase the length of contraction as time goes by After a few weeks, increase the duration of contraction eventually you’re contracting the muscles for a slow five or 10 seconds, and doing the exercises standing up. This puts more weight on the muscles, boosting your workout and improving your muscle tone


Mar 5, 2013
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How to boost your energy levels

Feeling a little sluggish, sleepy or lacking in a little get-up-and-go? Energy levels can drop suddenly for a number of reasons, but thankfully, there are a few simple things you can do to help re-energise and start feeling lively and active again.

good foodsEat right

Eating the right foods at the right time can drastically improve your energy levels. Start of the day with a healthy and nutritious breakfast – this is not a meal you’ll want to skip if you plan on having lots of energy throughout the day. Breakfast starts up your metabolism after fasting overnight and will keep you going ‘til lunchtime. Tuck into wholegrain cereals, fruit and lean proteins to really kick-start your day.

And protein isn’t just for breakfast; try to eat a portion of protein at each meal of the day to keep your energy levels up. Protein-based foods help the body to refuel and also repair by building tissue and strengthening muscle. Protein takes longer than carbohydrates to digest in the stomach, which means you’ll feel fuller for longer and have a better energy store. Pack your diet full of organic poultry, fish, lean red meat, dairy products and nuts.

Drinking plenty of water is essential in maintaining energy. Make sure you have at least 2 litres of water each day and avoid fizzy drinks or sugar-loaded sports drinks as these will only cause an energy drop shortly after consuming them.

Sleep right

Getting enough sleep might seem like the obvious answer to your low energy levels, but there are a few things to remember before you hit the pillow.
If you enjoy having a tipple before bed to help you nod off but still wake up feeling exhausted, it’s time to cut out the alcohol. Drinking alcohol just before going to sleep can interfere with your deep sleep patterns, so although it might appear that you’re getting your recommended eight hours of sleep, the quality of that sleep will be greatly reduced.

Recent research has also proved that when we’re faced with overflowing workloads, using up mental power can leave us feeling zapped of energy. Researchers at the National Institutes of Mental Health in the US found that a 60-minute power nap can help diffuse the effects of information overload and help us retain the information we learned for longer.

yoga for more energyExercise right

Hitting the gym might feel like the last thing you want to do when you are tired and sluggish, but a quick workout could do wonders for your energy levels.

Something as simple as a brisk 10-minute walk could see your energy levels rise for up to two hours after your stroll. But if you are really struggling to motivate yourself to get out and exercise, some people have found home oxygen therapy a huge help in instantly boosting energy levels. This involves breathing in oxygen-enriched air from a canister before exercise to give your body a quick energy boost and it will help prevent lactic acid build up which slows down the recovery process after your workout.

With these three simple steps, you could help keep your energy levels balanced throughout the day and you can forget about your sluggish mornings fuelled by double-shot espressos and afternoon energy slumps.