May 4, 2012
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Wonders of the Baby’s Brain

The baby’s brain begins to grow before birth. At birth, his brain was a quarter of the adult brain. The brain grows rapidly during the first three years of life.

The growth of the baby’s brain depends on many things. Some things are inherited from parents. Others rely on health, nutrition, experiences and relationships with the baby. The way the brain development of your baby depends on how you tell them to do with it.

The baby’s brain has many neurons, or cells. The type of interaction that the baby has with objects and people, stimulate these neurons. This allows to make important connections of neurons in the brain. Everyday activities determine how these connections are formed. Activities such as grasping toys, playing with them, and listening to people talk are important.

Your baby needs stimulation and play. They need to know that you love them. They must be able to explore and learn, and need you to talk and interact with them. All these experiences help with the development of the baby’s brain.

How do you provide these experiences to your baby? There is no single answer. What we know that babies do best if:

  • They hear the language.
  • Experiment with toys or objects.
  • They know there are people who love and pay attention to them.
  • Find activities for you and your baby that you can enjoy together. By doing these activities, you are not just having fun with your child. You are assisting them to development of their brain.

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